Silverstone Park’s new branding & newsletter - Image 1 Silverstone Park’s new branding & newsletter - Image 2

Silverstone Park’s new branding & newsletter

Posted on: 23/01/2020

This week we’ve assisted Silverstone Park in promoting the next phase of its brand marketing whilst also completing work on the estate’s first quarterly newsletter of 2020.

The new branding (on nearby roadsides) reflects how, under MEPC’s development, Silverstone Park is delivering its vision for the local business community.

CLICK HERE for the news article we’ve put together for Silverstone Park’s website, wider mailing list and its social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Meanwhile Silverstone Park’s first quarterly newsletter has now gone to print: 18 shortened versions (ruthless editing!) of longer web articles that we’d previously produced re-capping all the goings-on at the estate from November 2019-January 2020.

This is the 24th newsletter we’ve produced for Silverstone Park since 2014!

As ever a privilege working with Kirsty Edmonds on pics and Create with Impact on the overall design, look, feel…

The printed and ‘E’ versions of the newsletter (the latter also compiled by CMC Media) will be distributed next Monday 27 January.