PR-ing business community’s COVID-19 response - Image 1

PR-ing business community’s COVID-19 response

Posted on: 21/04/2020

Not the most ‘attractive’ image but this is the reality of the battle by businesses at Silverstone Park and from the Silverstone Technology Cluster to help beat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Imagery is that bit harder to come by during ‘lockdown’ but, with raw materials used to make PPE coming in to Silverstone Park, we knew we had to get some pictures somehow.

Cue a bit of good old fashioned communicating – telephone (and email) to ask the security team if they could snap some pics on their phones.

This is what they sent and is what was issued with the following press release and it worked! Cue live breakfast show interviews for Park Commercial Director Roz Bird and, a few days later, STC CEO Pim van Baarsen on BBC Radio Northampton.

Plus additional coverage on ITV Anglia – all a great boost for the effort.